Re: [Chrysler300] 1955 Powerflite Leaking
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Re: [Chrysler300] 1955 Powerflite Leaking

Hi Ron,
Both Rich Barber and Jack Boyle are exactly right about the cause of the leak.  It's irrelevent that the '55 does not have a cable----the problem's the same.   Furthermore, the seal for the shifter shafts is actually installed in the transmission case "inverted" so as to seal out contaminants rather than to seal in oil.  It's been a while since I had a Powerflite apart, but if memory serves me correctly the shifter shaft is actually a pair of concentric shafts, one connected to the shifter lever on the dash and the other connected to the throttle linkage for "kick-down" shifting.  Those 2 shafts have an o-ring seal between them.  You might slow the leak by replacing that o-ring, but it's no small job and in my opinion not worth going after.
---------Marshall Goodknight

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Hi All -
I have a nasty leak in a 1955 Powerflite. It seems to be coming from the lever area. My theory is that it's the manual valve lever shaft oil seal, which is part no. 1408353. .
Does anyone have a NAPA (or other) part number for that seal ?
Also, the book mentions that a tool, C-3277, is used to install the seal. Does anyone know where I can get this tool, or does anyone know a workaround in case this tool is not available ?




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