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Re: [Chrysler300] survey for owners of C, D, E -Hood Latch

So can we assume that they won the Hard Luck award that year ?
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Subject: Re: [Chrysler300] survey for owners of C, D, E -Hood Latch

ouch : (

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A correction to John Chesnutt's post.  The Baltzar's issue with the hood on their 300C convertible was traveling to the 300 Club Inc. meet held in Sacramento, CA around 1988 or 1989.  To clarify this further when Eric and Belva walked in to the Business Meeting and you could hear a pin drop when everyone saw them bandaged up.

The next morning it was discovered that a rear tire on their car had gone flat.  When the wheel and tire was taken to a repair shop it was and dismounted the rim had split.  This had nothing to do with the hood but just ads to the story of their luck.

John Lazenby 

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Hi Bob,
I sent you a picture of the hood latch on our 1957 300C from Arlys’ cell phone. Hope you got the picture. Our car is 3N571325. It appears to be style 1.
If you would like a larger picture, I have one.

According to John Lazenby, the hood lathe on Erik and Belva Balzar’s 300C convertible broke on the way to the 300 Club meet in Carson City, Nevada, July 1986. I remember seeing Erik and Belva arrive in their 300C with the hood in the back seat, a rip in the top and the windshield smashed. Erik’s head was bandaged so you could hardly recognize him. I do not know if the nut on the top of prong was missing or the bolts gave up. I too often think about this when in our 300C.


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We are working on a safety hood latch for the
C, D, and maybe it also fits the E.

Please give a look at this page

and let me know what style hood you have.


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