Re: [Chrysler300] Modifying 1957 WCFB carburetors to address "stalling o
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Re: [Chrysler300] Modifying 1957 WCFB carburetors to address "stalling on turns"

Hi all,
I likely have one of few 300 C’s with factory modified carbs. My car was built 2/25/57 and died in 70’s. I suspect Chrysler made the mods only if customer complained. Otherwise they would have had to modify around 4,000 carbs if they did a re-call.
If the mods had been made, you will see 4 small holes drilled through the outside of the air horns into the brass crossover tubes. Internally, there are 4 more machining steps to complete the mods in addition to changing jets and rods.
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 1:08 PM
Subject: Re: [Chrysler300] Modifying 1957 WCFB carburetors to address "stalling on turns"

Ray and all
I made the modifications to my WCFB carbs on my 300C postage stamp car about 12 years ago along with the higher altitude rejecting that was recommended. My mileage on 2 lane highways jumped from 14.5 to 17.3 between Twin Fall, ID and Lake Havasu, AZ. Also solve stalling problem and rough idle. I would highly recommend having done.

On May 25, 2016, at 1:42 PM, Ray Melton rfmelton@xxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello to All --
Nuts!  I Forgot that the 300 Club list server would not accept my attachment of the Chrysler Service Bulletin 1034-CH on modifying the WCFB carburetors!  So, if any individuals are interested and cannot find the bulletin elsewhere (maybe other members have that bulletin available, also), please contact me and I will send it to you outside of the server!  You will probably still want to follow up on the jetting and metering rod recommendations to make the modifications all work together.  The 300 Club Forward Look Archives contain my original messages from late 2012, as well as John Chesnutt's listing of metering rod part numbers -- I used his p/n's to provide the Carburetor Shop with the exact dimensions for the new (leaner) metering rods and jets that I had Jim McGowan install.  
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Ray Melton
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> Only one problem, Ray...
> Our antique list server will not allow ANYTHING!!!
> Other than chit chat!
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> Subject: [Chrysler300] Modifying 1957 WCFB carburetors to address "stalling
> on turns"
> Chrysler did indeed issue a Service Bulletin in 1957 to address the stalling
> problem in the WCFB carburetors. See the attached Bulletin and redlined> corrections thereto. I bought the new jets and metering rods f rom The
> Carburetor Shop, bought the required drills, and provided the parts and
> Service Bulletin to Jim McGowan, who performed the modifications on my
> WCFB's, in addition to rebuilding, re-plating and RESTORING the carbs to
> like-new condition. Beautiful job!
> After installation, the carbs were easily brought into "fine tune" while
> sitting in the shop; however transmission problems have kept the car from
> getting on the streets to verify that "the fix" actually works on turns.
> Hope to have it back in action within a couple more months!
> Ray Melton
> Las Cruces, NM
> 1957 Chrysler 300C cvt

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> McKovich'
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> Subject: [Chrysler300] Modifying
> 1957 WCFB carburetors

> Regarding the modifications outlined in the Factory Service Bulletins, you
> will also note that in addition to drilling some new holes and enlarging
> some passages, they specify changing to new metering rods in both
> carburetors and different secondary jets in the front carburetor, none of
> which are available any more. However, since I am planning on having those
> modifications made to the WCFB's on my 300C, I have searched for quite a
> while and finally found a source for the elusive parts. John Hardgrove at
> The Carburetor Shop in Eldon, MO (573-392-7378) will make the new rods for
> you on the original machines purchased from Carter when they went out of
> business in the '70's. These unique, totally manual machines from the 1940's
> can hold precision tolerances down to 0.00005" (five hundre! d-thousandths of
> an inch - about one hundredth the diameter of a typical human hair!)
> However, that kind of precision machining does not come cheaply: the rods
> cost $320/set of four and you must also purchase their WCFB rebuild kit @
> $154 for two carburetors. The new secondary jets are a paltry $15/pair. So,
> I'm looking at
> $489 + $14 shipping just for the parts for the rebuild, PLUS the labor for
> the restoration itself! This is likely to be a ~$1100 job! (subsequent
> note: Make that a $1350 job!)
> The best part about having these new metering rods custom-made is that John
> has all the original Carter part numbers and specs as well as the
> Carter-original tiny brass billets, so he can also make the new metering
> rods in the standard configuration as well as three more stages of "lean" to
> adjust for high-altitude operation. John Chesnutt wrote on December 15, 2008
> listing the Carter P/N's for these different metering rods. I can forward> tha t message to any interested member if you are unable to locate it
> yourself.

> Ray Melton
> Las Cruces, NM
> 1957 Chrysler 300C convertible
> White/Gauguin S/N 3N572517
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> Subject: RE: [Chrysler300] Carbs ?s for 1958 Chrysler 300D

> There was an additional Chrysler Service Bulletin No. 1034-CH issued October
> 16, 1957 to correct a misprint in Service Bulletin No. 1028-CH (August 30,
> 1957). That misprint affected the dimensions of the modification to the
> carburetors; to wit:
> Quote: "Please note on Page 2 of Service Bulletin No. 1028-CH in Figure 1,
> under the drawing of the "Air Horn" the Primary side should be 11/ 16 inch
> and the Secondary side should be 13/16." (The drawin! g in #1028 had these
> dimensions
> reversed)
> Ray Melton

> On Nov 5, 2012, at 9:10 AM, Larry Jabin <larry@xxxxxxxxxx
> <> > wrote:
> > When taking off from a stop light at an intersection where I have to
> > make a left turn, If I take off quickly the car stumbles so I guess the fuel is moving
> > in the bowl to the right side of the carb.  I thought I read somewhere on the list server for a fix for this, but
> can't seem to find it

Has anybody else experienced this & know of a fix?
Larry Jabin

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