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RE: [Chrysler300] 300G

You see article in present Hemming’s claiming nice 300 C/D coupe worth 30? And dropping?  Same issue has a few 57-58 Imperial converts for 150 or something ; I like those, 40k-50 maybe, but not 300’s . Sometimes Hemmings writers are really off the wall.


That three speed stick trans is all over the place in max wedges etc.  Easy to make a 3 spd G. Why you would,  I do not know. Why I am grateful we have Gil , build data etc . These guys thinking it is like a 4 spd F, a whole different animal. .


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Claiming numbers matching…….


I think last year a manual one sold for 230ish, can’t recall.  I have no clue how you could spend 500k restoring that car.  Especially if you had everything to start with.  I could see 150 if you outsourced everything.  

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It doesn’t even have short rams, and they are touting the top speed as “150 plus”. No one in there right mind would spend 1/2 million on a restoration of a car that’s not worth a fraction of that. 





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