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If anyone in New England gets to see it, there is a beautiful gold colored 300G convertible that is totally fabricated from Newport convertible parts car plus extended subframe and longer nose to make it look right for 61 126" wheel base.  Total resto mod with modern 6.4L Hemi, power rack and pinion, Hotchkiss suspension, and 5 speed stick coming out of ashtray.  Must be $200K of fabrication and chrome in this thing, but sure looks cool.  The guy is a metal working genius.  He copied my G convertible to make sure he got body details correct, right down to the rocker panel seam where rocker meets rear quarter.  He even stamped out his own door sill moldings.
Got all new/NOS or repro lenses.  He even fabricated a fake looking 426 Hemi top end with fake plug wires and front mounted, slanted distributor with shaker aircleaner to cover up the modern hemi and coil packs.  An amazing amount of work.  It was built by him for the owner of New Balance sneaker company (deep pockets).  Who knows what it is really worth?  How does one insure such a thing?  Good news is that since he created it out of nothing, if something happened to it he could certainly fix it again.

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You see article in present Hemming’s claiming nice 300 C/D coupe worth 30? And dropping?  Same issue has a few 57-58 Imperial converts for 150 or something ; I like those, 40k-50 maybe, but not 300’s . Sometimes Hemmings writers are really off the wall.


That three speed stick trans is all over the place in max wedges etc.  Easy to make a 3 spd G. Why you would,  I do not know. Why I am grateful we have Gil , build data etc . These guys thinking it is like a 4 spd F, a whole different animal. .


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Claiming numbers matching…….


I think last year a manual one sold for 230ish, can’t recall.  I have no clue how you could spend 500k restoring that car.  Especially if you had everything to start with.  I could see 150 if you outsourced everything.  

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It doesn’t even have short rams, and they are touting the top speed as “150 plus”. No one in there right mind would spend 1/2 million on a restoration of a car that’s not worth a fraction of that. 




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