[Chrysler300] Paint and trunk carpet
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[Chrysler300] Paint and trunk carpet

Hi all: 
I purchased my F from the original owner in October 1995.  The car was on blocks where it had been for the previous 27 years or so.  Mileage on the odometer was about 107K.  The radiator support was black and there was stock carpet in the trunk.  My car came off the assembly line in late June 1960.
Dan Reitz
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I guess one of the good things about owning letter cars as 'fair weather antiques' is that the valve being in the open position all the time doesn't really have any bad effects on performance since I don't use it as a winter beater.  I'd rather have a reproduction piece of stainless for below the trunk of my G, reproduction vacuum advance for the distributor, or other shiny bits for the interior.

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Hi all, just wondering about the possibility of reproducing ram cars manifold heat control valve as these parts are impossible to get hold of. What are people's thoughts?

Mike in Australia

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