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Related, I think the coil part on carb  is similar to mid/late 70’s dodge truck w carter 2 bbl on 318; Slant six too. 60’s? personally I think the thermo coil is pretty tough, the rest of the carb choke drive you can just make? What is wrong with it? Rusty? Clean out? I remember making the rod. Some choke coils do not fit in the pouch . If that part of choke system is set up way “lean” it will work ok and get the car running on fast idle without the heat ,and it will pull off ; need not close all the way cold. (as car is used now)


I agree, the one on exhaust manifold is often wrecked. I agree , too, good repro thing, although very realistically, that whole idea did not work well. Many of these are tied or pinned open inside (never leave them stuck closed..(which is how they do stick. left parked) It then melts the floor on ram manifold , runs awful, carb overheated at speed . . If you force or retain the valve fully open, (full flow out) or cut valve disc out of there , then you can restrict the exhaust heat passage  to ¼ or so hole in a washer to cut heat to carb way back . Unless driving it a lot in cold weather, it seems the downside is far worse than the upside, ---but just me.. I know people want things original, even if they did not work right, ever, even when new. .  Many rams were pulled off over this. (stalling,  flooding etc when cold, stall when you push drive , very rough idle as one pulls off, etc etc if used daily in New England ) . Having manifold heat come and go adds another variable to all the hassles, plus now ethanol evaporates fast if warm. I think the rare race 62 rams had water in there , another way.


The root problem is one side pulls off the choke before the other side , no cure for that, no matter how golden the screwdriver is. . Why 63-64 “return of the rams” have manual chokes that work together. They gave up on heat riser. When you need a choke at all.


?depends on climate?


Hope this helps.





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Hi all, just wondering about the possibility of reproducing ram cars manifold heat control valve as these parts are impossible to get hold of. What are people's thoughts?

Mike in Australia


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