[Chrysler300] Planes, trains and automobiles
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[Chrysler300] Planes, trains and automobiles

Webster rules and says: 





noun: motor; plural noun: motors

1.    1.

a machine, especially one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for some other device with moving parts.


Engineers and purists must live with consensus.  Alan asked what does one call the turbine that drives the generator at the dam.  It is a motor, as is the air-powered device that the dental hygienist uses, the windmill that pumps water, the treadmill that the animal trots on to power another device, a steam engine and that belchfire 8 in our brutes.


It was interesting to learn that there is a filter in the sealed pulsation dampeners/mufflers on either side of the air conditioning compressor.  On the suction side, it is a final filter to prevent solid trash from entering the compressor.  It could conceivably become plugged if some extenuating circumstance created a lot of solid foreign material in the evaporator.  Similarly, if something broke loose in the compressor, a filter on the discharge side would prevent the trash from travelling downstream and plugging the capillary tube or expansion valve.


Last point:  I have the HVAC switch out of our ’64 300K and it is only set up to operate the A/C compressor clutch when either the MAX COOL or FR COOL buttons are pressed in.  Pressing in the DEF button does not actuate the clutch.  There is also no apparent low-pressure cutoff or thermally-controlled switch in the clutch circuit.  You press MAX COOL or FR COOL and the A/C compressor will be engaged.  Later design resulted in using the A/C system to dehumidify defrost air and inserted a protective switch in the clutch circuit to disengage the compressor in case of loss of refrigerant.



Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA



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