[Chrysler300] carlise false reportages
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[Chrysler300] carlise false reportages

Ok, I was sitting hear in the semi dark of a lonely motel room, the A/C
has been running all day to little avail, (thats a hint that its been somewhat
hot and humid here) Its for sure this balky laptop is NOT currently up to
working with my fingers trying to keep up with the stream of thought I was
deeply into trying to send out a informal and unexpected "Chryslers At
Carlise' report.
Just as I was smokin along it reset the screen, then the main screen and
'poof' all that rather smartly prepared reportage ( it felt that way untill the
'OH CRUD' moment ) was trashed and crumbled up like a crashtest
dummy car.

Ok, I can take a hint. There are No garentees that once home and in front
of my own hardware that that stream of brillance  will be recoverable,
But I just might try to follow up last Sundays initial hints of a travellog
returning to these parts.

As far as the Wifypoo and I, we are done this year at the event.  I'll try
and have a note or 3 once we get home.
(Yes as feared in my first little missive, I am transporting extra R134A
and a fill up hose)
Too bad we are schedualed to be back on the road Wendsday, so that
will not get fixed until we are staying home for a bit.
 (Drats Nab it, where's the farten spell check on this thing??) 

I'm gonna blame Wifypoo, She told me she was going to allow this thing to
change over to windoze 10 so now I don't know if it is just contrary or something
is actually mucking me up.
Paul Holmgren
CPUs run on smoke. I know this because when the smoke comes out, it stops working.
JCI #74145


Posted by: Paul Holmgren <paulholm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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