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Re: [Chrysler300] Wildwood Disc Brake Installation Video With Magnum Force Front DB Video

Additional Magnum Force Front Disc Installation Video showing the adaptor plate recently published FYI:

Mopar Pre 1965 Full Size Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler & Imperials C-body front disc brake kit for stock Drum Spindle 57-64

Tony Rinaldi

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Subject: [Chrysler300] Wildwood Disc Brake Installation Video With Updated John Hertog Link


Hi To All,

While I get my photos together and work on the write up for the 1957-1964 “C” Body Front and Rear Wilwood Brake Installations, my mechanic does have an instructional video for installation on an Impala.

Please note that she does not wire the lugs together on the rotor assembly. It is highly recommended for this to be done. Please refer to John Hertog’s early tech article when he was working on early Magnum Force prototypes for Wilwood brake installation. MF has since developed an installation bracket that does not require modifications to the original suspension and steering components.

John’s Article:

The video shows an installation of a front adaptor bracket for Impala. With the exception of the vehicle specific adaptor bracket and bolt pattern, the front installation is similar.

The rear requires the installation of a green bearing on the rear axle on 8 3/4” Mopar rears. The rear installation is similar.

Enjoy Emily Williams.

Tony Rinaldi


Posted by: Tony Rinaldi <awrdoc@xxxxxxxxx>

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