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RE: [Chrysler300] 300F Exhaust Manifold



I think you may be confusing the heat riser to the choke pull off.  The heat riser is basically the same as the non-ram Chrysler.  The ram engine uses heated exhaust gas (increased by the heat riser when cold) to heat up the choke pull off bimetallic spring, that in turn pulls off the choke butterfly.  If you blocked off the exhaust input and output on the bottom of the intake manifold, and removed the choke spring, you would basically be starting on one choke, not both.  Of course, depending on the ambient temperature when starting, it may not a be a problem.  Also you could consider an electronic choke or a choke pull off cable. In short, there are work arounds.  The only other consideration is that the intake manifold is physically supported by the exhaust connection, so perhaps some additional support may need to be provided so as to not have the manifold be only supported by the bolts going into the head.


Bob J


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Aside from the heat riser ports, how different are the these manifolds from similar ones without the ports (eg for single 4 bbl engines)? How critical is the heat riser? 


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Yes, they are different, they have separate exhaust passages to heat the chokes.  The 300F right side is even a bit different than the 300G right side because of the generator mounting in the F vs the alternator mounting in the G. There are companies that specialize in repairing exhaust manifolds, I would consider seeking one out and discuss the specific problem with yours to see if they could repair it.  It is a very specialized repair and must be done by someone that really knows what they are doing, and even then there typically are no guarantees.  Also look on eBay as they do come up from time to time, usually in sets.  Perhaps a club member will have one they can part with.  Fortunately, cracking is not a common problem with ram car exhaust manifolds.


Bob J


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Subject: [Chrysler300] 300F Exhaust Manifold



Hi all - are the exhaust manifolds on the cross ram engine different than the other 1960 413's? The right one is cracked and my mechanic does not recommend trying to weld this one. If different, can anyone recommend a source?




Mark Hopkins



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