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RE: [Chrysler300] 300F Exhaust Manifold

Driver or passenger? R+L causes confusion.


Totally different on ram cars vs non ram due to heat tubes , but also as we recently found out , between alternator and generator cars,---the mounting boss for those on the end of pass side varies, making 60 passenger side generator ram a unique piece. 61 and later have alternator , few 62 are out there, probably same as 61 . J , K ram totally different


Your mechanic is right .Welding cast iron is 50/50 at best, breaks instantly at worst due to residual stress left in cast iron upon cooling down, from simply” welding it “.  Can be done with larger % of success at  high cost by a specialist, preheating it red hot , slow cooling etc, but dicey results.  Did he break it putting on exhaust? Reason I ask, is we also found out it is not strong enough at flange to hold up the pipe and muffler only by the manifold pipe flange. You have to support pipe correctly at back or put on sequentially, or very easy to break / crack it. Word to the wise, on that…..  


I do not have any spare ones…just lost one in past month due to this, had to go looking …...




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Hi all - are the exhaust manifolds on the cross ram engine different than the other 1960 413's? The right one is cracked and my mechanic does not recommend trying to weld this one. If different, can anyone recommend a source?




Mark Hopkins


Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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