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Re: FW: [Chrysler300] Facebook as a forum

I agree with Carl's intent/strategy for the FB account.  I enjoy the listserver questions and answers, even when they're not about my particular year/model of car.  I'm always interested in learning more about letter cars.  If we can get younger people who are more comfortable with social media interested in the 'original' 300's based on an initial interest in 'current' 300's or whatever happens to draw them to the page, then so much the better.  Otherwise, it may come to a point where no one is left who knows how to work on these brutes and they will only be valued like so many older GM products that have had to be resto-modded with c-5 or newer Corvette underpinnings to remain viable.  I wouldn't do it to a real letter car, but what about a 57 Saratoga or 61 Newport with modern Charger/300/Magnum underpinnings?  Wouldn't that be fun to drive?  I'd be tempted, but no longer have the energy (or skill) to attempt such a transplant.  I'll settle for my 2005 Magnum that is on its way to becoming a 300C Wagon.  Personally, I hope we never have to give up on the listserver, but hope we can also find the right people to keep us current with whatever technology is most appealing to younger generations so we can grab their interest before other brands do.

On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 8:29 PM, Carl cbilter@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Changed subject line so this gets read, maybe.

Just a couple comments re. our Facebook (FB) page, since I’m in charge of it. It is true that many if not most in our club either do not use FB or aren’t very active. However, most “younger” folks are very active on social media and our FB page serves as an awareness and recruiting tool. It is not a substitute for the listserver or a forum. Our FB was set up as a “community” which is designed primarily for the moderator (me) to post content. In order to be more interactive, we would have to completely delete the current FB page and set up a new club FB page as a “group” which requires membership (similar to the Forward Look FB page). When I polled the membership via this listserver about that, I received all of two or three responses. Given the lack of interest within the club membership, we have chosen to change nothing on FB.

Carl Bilter

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