[Chrysler300] Letter Car "Birth Records"
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[Chrysler300] Letter Car "Birth Records"

Following up on the "birth records" comment below -


Gil - can you pls clarify what records you have? I have the documentation from Chrysler Historical for each of my Mopars. Do you have additional information?





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I would get the birth records for your F from Gil Cunningham, and restore the car as it left the factory.  That way, you (or whoever you may sell the car to) will never get points taken off in a formal 300 concours judging event.  Any equipment added after it leaves the factory will result in docked points, I know, I speak from experience.


Bob J


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I would like to get as many opinions as possible.   My 300F came with a Drivers side Spot Light and Door Edge Guards.  I can’t ever recall any pictures of other 300’s with these options. As nearly as I can tell they came new with the car.

How many of my Fellow 300 Lovers would not put them back on after Restoration.  There’s a large hole that will have to be filled where the Spot Light was if I leave it off.

I was told a tale when I bought the car  Which came from Nevada that the car belonged to a Nevada Highway Patrol Big Shot.  That’s why the Spot Light.  I am in the process of getting all the Chrome ready to send out for rechroming and the Spot Light parts are included.


So Guys and Gals please give me your opinions.


            Thanks   Gary Barker


Posted by: MARK HOPKINS <m.hopkins@xxxxxxx>

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