Re: [Chrysler300] Dash pod removal 300C
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Re: [Chrysler300] Dash pod removal 300C

Another trick might be to see if the speedo pod mounting nuts are easier to get at on the back than the gauge cluster pod nuts. If they are, uou could remove the speedo pod and gain a huge opening there to reach around to the gauge pod nuts.

Keith Boonstra

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 10:58 AM, Kraus300@xxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


The speedo and gauge pod attachment method and removal is identical. You would only have to remove the gauge pod. The pod has 3 threaded posts around the edge and is secured with nuts from the back.
3/8 or 7/16, can't remember the exact size. No real tricks, it's just getting a hand up there.  You'll be able to feel the fasteners around the edge of the pod.  You may not need a ratchet. I used a socket on a short extension,
the nuts weren't on that tight. 

Since you'll be in there.... maybe take out the speedo pod (unscrew the speedo cable first from the back of the pod) and clean up both. You can also oil the often neglected speedo lube wick on the back of that pod. Easy to see
when the pod removed.  A few drops of light oil. More isn't better. Also check and replace any burned out dash lights.

A quick note.... it is a bad temp gauge? Some of the temperature sending units sold today will fit in place but are not calibrated for the C. They give false reads, both high and low.  From memory, I think my last replacement
was a NORS stock # TSU18.

Jim Krausmann

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Greetings! I have a bad temperature gauge in my 300C and need to replace it! After looking around a bit it looks like I will have to remove it from behind the dash and there is not much room to access it! Does anyone have any tricks to make this easier? Thanks in advance! Bill


Posted by: Keith Boonstra <kboonstra.zeegroup@xxxxxxxxx>

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