Re: [Chrysler300] Using the listserver to actively sell parts
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Re: [Chrysler300] Using the listserver to actively sell parts

From: "Hugh Baldus hugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]" <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: David Schwandt <finsruskw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; "chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Club" <Chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2016 4:11 PM
Subject: [Chrysler300] Using the listserver to actively sell parts

Anyone else, besides me, prefer not to receive an email every time David has something to sell?  And then, another email when it is no longer for sale (gasp).  I find it tedious and intrusive, and not a good use of the forum. 
“Hey, I need an obscure part for my E”:  Just fine for mass distribution (until our forum works like other bulletin boards, and not everyone sees everything anybody sends). 
Hey, I have an obscure part to sell for ’61-‘64s”:  Not ok.  This belongs in a classified section somewhere else, like on a website.   
Thank you,
Hugh Baldus
From: Chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:Chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of 'David Schwandt' finsruskw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2016 1:47 PM
To: chrysler300@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Club
Subject: [Chrysler300] NOS Parts 1236-219
Pinion gear set. (2 gears)  NOS in unopened original boxes
Fits all 55-56  6 and 8 cyl except Imperial
Also fits all 57-58-59 6 cyl.
Check your parts books to be certain.
$25 PPD in USA
Dave Schwandt

Narrowing the focus might not be a good idea. I far too late one day realized
I had done just that at a swap meet. There have been times in the past when
attending swap meets I have noticed something that was at a very reasonable
$$ for what it was. I have on a few occasions plunked down $$ to buy something
that I knew I wanted to re-sell to earn more $$ for my restoration efforts on a 300.
I had spied a complete forced air induction system that came off a Mr. Norm's
modified and sold as new Dodge 340. On the open market that had a serious price tag.
The swap meet I was at, it was just a pile of parts on the floor. The asking $$ was very
very affordable.  But NO!, I was chasing 300 stuff and walked on by.
As I recall, I didn't find anything at that particular swap to add to the pile of parts
in the garage for the 300. BUT had I sprung for the Mr. Norms 'pile of parts' I sure
could have thought about raising the bar on my search tactics.
Paul Holmgren 2 57 300-C's in Indy Hoosier Corps #L6 CPUs run on smoke. I know this because when the smoke comes out, it stops working.

Moral, it might not have tickled my fancy that day, but someone sure got a deal.


Posted by: Paul Holmgren <paulholm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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