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Re: [Chrysler300] 300G convert for sale

I don't recall seeing a 300G with the stainless inserts between the taillights before.  As stated, it was a NYer feature.  An owner can indeed dress up the car anyway he/she wants, but it does take away from the originality of the G.  The lettercars were noted for their lack of excess chrome or stainless trim.  I think that applies to just about every year of the lettercars.
Don Warnaar
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Just scrolled through all the pictures and also noticed that it has NYer stainless inserts in the rear, and Golden Lion valve cover decals on top of the air cleaners, as well as a hood latch mechanism painted a different color than the body.
Very pretty car, so not nit-picking.  An owner can 'enhance' his or her car any way they want in my book.  These are also things that are easily put back to 'stock' if new owner wants to.

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A 300G convert for sale came up on Hemmings Daily.  While this isn't, an earth-shaking event, I noticed something on the car I don't think I've ever seen.  In front of the rear wheels is a chrome guard that extends up a bit from the rocker panel.  Has anyone seen this option before?  I think it may have been something custom made for this car and not a factory offering, but I thought I'd ask the group for input.   




Bob J


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