Re: [Chrysler300] 1962 300H Caramel color paint
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Re: [Chrysler300] 1962 300H Caramel color paint

It must be "Paint Your H Season!" as ours is in the shop as well being returned to its factory Black color (red when I bought it). 

I also have a '62 300 Sport in its factory Caramel but it is so oxidized it wouldn't be a good reference. 

It seems that the paint codes and names can and have changed throughout the past 55 years. Your description, though, sounds like a very good and thorough mix to utilize. Please send me a picture when you have the car together. I prefer Caramel to Black; but we are following the data plate. 

Matt Allyn

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Good question Carlton, I’m getting ready to put my “H” in the paint shop as well. For some reason, and I don’t know what I heard or saw this, but I think there is a GM paint that is the same..


Jerry Lindsay


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Good evening,

I would appreciate advice and suggestions about resolving a slight issue or else getting comfortable with the paint I’m about to use for my 300H.  I provided the fellow doing my painting a paint data sheet from PPG for their Ditzler paint.  It showed paint code ZZ-1 and paint number 22095 for the color called Caramel for Chryslers and Imperials.   I found the paint data sheet on-line.

The fellow doing the painting went to Auto Value here in Eagle River where he normally buys his paint.  I was OK with his recommendation of a base / clear coat system. 

The base coat paint I wound up getting, which was described as the current comparable paint (for color I guess) is a PPG Deltron 2000, DBC – Basecoat and the color is now called Sand.   I have a sheet of the mixture including the paint blend portions of White, Yellow, Red, Black, Orange, and Clear with the Clear being a ‘filler’ in the base coat blend.  I have a smear of the new paint on the can lid and a paint stir stick that was dipped in the mix and then clear coated.  

We both (painter and me) judged the new paint to be slightly darker than the old paint judging from old paint that had been sealed behind weather stripping and which appeared bright and unfaded compared to the exposed parts of the car. 

The paint color is close enough that it would satisfy my standards but I’m still curious about the paint name change and wondered if 55 year old (I presume) paint might lighten a little, even if it was well covered. 

I do have the blend proportions for this Deltron paint for comparison if anyone has blend proportions for another manufacturer for the 1962 Caramel paint.  

Thanks for any advice or comment.

Carlton Schroeder

Eagle River, WI 


Posted by: Matt Allyn <allynentertainment@xxxxxxxxx>

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