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Re: [Chrysler300] A/C metal plate request

From memory, the 57 does not have a tag. Mine is buried in a parts box, and is not readily available to check. The rectangular tag on the later models is the factory part number tag. The passengers side cylinder head should also have a port for an auxiliary gage. The tag with the charge capacity is on the drivers side head, or the one without the port. I don’t know when the break was, but some heads have the boss for the screw, but it’s not drilled and tapped.
Converted cars have obviously different charging ports, and there is usually a sticker put somewhere Identifying the system as being converted.
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Subject: Re: [Chrysler300] A/C metal plate request

Would any of this thread be applicable to possible tags on the factory A/C compressor on my 1957 300C?  There's not trace of anything on it now, but of course I don't know what might be missing.   I didn't see anything in Wayne Graefen's comprehensive handbook on restoring the 300C, but maybe I am missing something.  Anyone out there with a 300C with ideas?

Ray Melton

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It is always great to have a specific solution or answer to a member’s question. New member Harry Torgeson has posed some good questions to guide his 300K restoration to factory correct. Attaboy, Harry!

I have enjoyed tracking and participating in this thread so was disappointed to see that the tag on the RH head of my A/C compressor was significantly different than John Holst’s original and the vendors’ OEM replacement tags. Then I saw the compressor head and bolting were different also. See attached for the tag on the RH cylinder head of my 300K (which still has a later 383 in it). So, I went around the car to the other side and saw a somewhat boogered-up version of the OEM tag (also attached). I’ll replace it with a nice, new one—but from the $12 e-Bay vendor, not the $16.88 one.

Now, I’m wondering if some or all other Chrysler A/C compressors have this tag bolted to the RH head. (in addition to the red-printed tag on the LH head). It is angle-cut on each end with holes for two of the head bolts. It reads as below:



/ \

/ MODEL 3925070101 \

\ SERIAL NO. 630927 /

\ PART NO. 2465232 /

\____ REFRIGERANT ___12_/

I Googled “2465232 compressor” and got hits in the ’64 and ’65 Parts Manuals but could not find any part with that number. Whatzit? The tag is made with all characters stamped into the aluminum and no color printing. It could be a re-builder’s tag.

Rich Barber

Brentwood CA (Windy—the weather, also)

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Mark and all. We have a winner. The link below and Ebay are identical and the same as on my 64 K. I would have guessed that this was a wild dream., but I was wrong. This works for 62-75 or so. Would have to check earlier cars to see what else is available. John Holst...

At 04:33 PM 1/18/2017, you wrote:

Also available here:



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John and all – the tag is reproduced and is on ebay as well as oother sites. Note there are several styles (depends on the year). Pay attention to the “max charge” values. The reproduction tags have the orange color lettering. These are correct for perhaps ’65 up (not sure of start year). 1962 and 1963 had red lettering. A later style is better than a missing tag IMHO. <> &vxp=mtr

Carl B.

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Subject: [Chrysler300] A/C metal plate rquest

A club member has asked if there is a source of the metal plate attached to the top of the A/C compressor. We have found the other decals for the engine (air cleaner and coolant) but this is different and probably would have to come off a donor car. Any ideas? John Holst...

Do you no where to get the air conditioning spec psi plate?

Harry Torgeson <torg66@xxxxxxxxx mailto:torg66@xxxxxxxxx >

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