RE: [Chrysler300] 300G/300K exhaust manifold repair
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RE: [Chrysler300] 300G/300K exhaust manifold repair

There was a new member in NJ that I talked with and he seemed quite confident that he could weld or otherwise repair broken cast iron.  We recently heard that he had passed away. 


I need one of the outlet flanges on a ram K header repaired as someone in the dim, dark, distant past tore out one of the four ears, apparently trying to align an exhaust pipe.  I was talking to him about doing the repair but I felt it would be a weak repair, at best.  Now, I think I’ll just have a steel backup ring with four ears for the bolts fabricated and use the remnant of the torn ear to locate the bolt and support the ring at that bolt-hole.  Any other ideas?


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I'm out of town and can't check this out, but it seems to me that in our newsletter or in the other Chrysler newsletter there is an outfit in NJ that has been advertising cast iron repair for years.

Bill Huff

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I had the left side exhaust manifold on my 300F repaired by Paul Russell's shop in Essex, MA in the late 1990's. Note:  He's the guy who does all Ralph Lauren's cars. Now, before you fall‎ over scared by pricing, I have to tell you he was very reasonable (I don't recall what the price was, unfortunately, but it was very palatable.)

As you can imagine, his guys deal with big issues with super-high dollar cars all the time. He gave me a tour of his facilty and Lauren's Concours winning Bugatti 57C was in his small lobby‎, as he stores some of Ralph's cars as well. Needless to say, I was pretty much awestruck.

Anyway, worth considering and a call to them.

Good Luck,


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When I lived in LA, there was a place in Chatsworth which specialized in repairing cast iron parts (heads, manifolds) by oven brazing them.
In other words, they raise the temperature of the entire part high enough to allow the brazing material to fuse and then broughtthe temp down slowly to avoid warpage, This sounds right to me intuitively.
Mike Moore

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I got a phone call from a gentleman with a 300G that has a cracked right side exhaust manifold.  Knowing how hard it is to find a replacement, can anyone suggest a facility that knows how to repair manifolds?  I realize it is a very specialized job that is outside of the abilities of most welders, but may be possible. 
Has anybody found someone that knows how to do the job so it holds up over time?  If it is even possible?  I'd like to help him out if I can, and if you happen to have a replacement manifold you'd like to part with, let me know.




Bob J



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