[Chrysler300] Gary Goers Status.
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[Chrysler300] Gary Goers Status.

I heard from Gary Goers today and I also received a new catalog and an order of nice reproduction decals and stickers with which to decorate our 300K convertible from bumper to bumper.  Following is information gleaned from a message Gary sent. 


Due to circulation and other problems, he had the end two joints of his left big toe amputated—the first of three major surgeries.  Although the surgery went OK, he was disappointed the surgeon took two joints instead of one.  Problems with his severely-damaged left ankle have necessitated replacement of his right hip joint.  That surgery will be delayed for three months to make sure his body is healed enough to make the hip replacement safe.  After healing from the hip replacement, he will be scheduled for amputation of his left foot below the knee. That’s the mixed news for Gary.  There is light at the end of the long tunnel.


For the rest of us who value Gary as a friend, as well as a provider of otherwise unobtainium items for our 300’s, the good news is that it appears there is a plan to return him to a full mobility, pain-free and productive existence and continuation of his business providing over 700 restoration items from screws to full leather seat covers.  Additionally, in the interim, Gary continues the majority of his business as his limited mobility allows.  He says he is catching up on back orders somewhat and is taking orders.  He is molding rubber parts but trunk panel kits are on hold until warmer & dryer weather when they can be properly painted.  He is working on seat sets and has a big batch of leather coming for more.  New seat orders are at least a couple months out.  He said he would appreciate knowing of customers wants and needs for seating and other major items in advance so he can plan to have material on hand when needed.


Gary’s catalog can be viewed at www.garygoers.com           Just click on the tiny little word CATALOG (#10) in the upper RH corner of the home page.  In pale color, one can see and click on PRICE LIST #9 dated 11/09.  The new catalog #10 I just received had the same 2009 price list in it with the note: “ADD AN EXTRA 10% ON EVERYTHING”.   His order form has a line saying 15% SHIPPING—MINIMUM $6.50.  Significant overcharges to be refunded.  Bottom line:  Gary is open to current orders, some of which can be readily sent as he catches up on his backlog.  Best and only way to get the stuff you need is to view the catalog, price the items at 110% of posted price, add the shipping, enclose a check and mail the order to:  Gary Goers, 37 AMDAHL LANE, KALISPELL MT 59901.  If you think you will be needing replacement seat covers, please write him with your needs and timing.  If you have questions about items, please include them in writing with your order if you’re not sure they are correct for your car.  E-mail, phone, text and fax just do not work with Gary at this time as he devotes the few hours each day he can work before pain shuts him down to filling orders.  Gary may also be temporarily or permanently out of some items due to breakdown by his suppliers.


Whether you need or don’t need any of Gary’s 700+ items, please consider offering up prayers for this fine Christian gentleman.  Gary, Alana, his physicians and caregivers will appreciate getting all the help they can to restore the running gear on his 78” high HD chassis.


Best wishes, Gary!


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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