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RE: [Chrysler300] Nice C-300 writeup

I read the VIN on the card as 1046—Auto Haus-Black in INT registry.  Paint code 30 is Platinum.  Body number is 1051 tending to confirm the 1046.  Date shipped March 10—very early car.




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Check out the Midwest Car Exchange, Alsip website, link below - photo #112 is the IBM build card - s/n 3N55 1016. Card reads paint code '30,' which would be Platinum, correct? If black, the paint code should be '01'? I can't read the S/N on the car itself, from the photos. Do we know this car?



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I thought it strange that all of the data would be listed without a VIN and had no luck reading a number.


Regarding the Bulls Eye headlamps, I've seen them on 1955 cars and even a few on 12 volt 1956 Crown Imperial Limos and 8 passenger sedans.  Those 12 volt examples are really rare and may be a carry over from the earlier 12 volt POSITIVE ground Crown Imperials.


John L.


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I tried to take note of the VIN number on the door jamb, but it is just too blurry when enlarging.  We would know if the Club had any history on the car.  It sort of looks like 3N55 1502 or something similar.  Our database does not show a black '55 with a number close to that.


John, you would know this.  When did Chrysler discontinue using Autolite bulls eye headlamps?  I thought they might still be using them on the '55.  This car does not have them, which is normal considering it has been 62 years ago.


Don Warnaar


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Numerous items not correct with this example based on the photos provided.


John Lazenby


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1955 Chrysler 300C C-300 for sale. From the seller's description: Officially offered for sale on February 10, 1955, the first Chrysler 300 was athletic looking



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