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RE: [Chrysler300] 1964 300K

The 1964 Parts Catalog lists only one air cleaner for the single-carb 1964 300K:  2463951 for VC2-300K, use w/Air Cleaner to Breather Pipe Hose.  It lists an air cleaner for (single 4-bbl 413’s) NY’s & Imps that is silenced:  2402672.  The 1965 Parts Catalog is similarly vague on the 413-equipped Chrysler 300.


The 1964 Service Manual states that the Closed Crankcase Ventilation valve is connected to the throttle body.


I don’t have anything to go by and am curious.  Was there another supply-air hose running from inside the filter element on the air cleaner to the oil filler/crankcase breather cap so that only filtered air would enter the crankcase?


The 1964 Parts Catalog did show one special air cleaner California-only for Plymouths and Dodges with a 426 CID engine (not designated as a hemi)—and, also, designates two different RHS air cleaners for ram-engined 300K’s—with & without a connection to a Breather Pipe Hose.


So, for FirePower 360 HP 413’s--do we have silenced and unsilenced, CA and non-CA, same as NY & Imp?  Pix of documented OEM air cleaners on FirePower 360 engines in and outside of CA would be helpful.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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1961 was the first year for smog equipment on California sold cars.  The 1961 Chrysler service manual shows the ram intake PCV valve.


Bob J



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Could it be that the smog regulations in CA started in 1965?  With no snorkel, there would be no hose connection to a PCV valve.  Would be interested in hearing from people in CA who would know when the regulations changed.





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No snorkels on a 64 K. Perfectly round



That's the way the air cleaner housing is on the 300L.  The L came with an unsilenced air cleaner not much bigger in diameter than the filter cartridge itself.  The snorkel, if you want to call it that, is about a half inch in diameter and one inch long with a black plastic or rubber cap.  Bought my L new in NJ and it had no hose from the snorkel to a PCV valve.


Those with a 300K will have to chime in on this one.


Don Warnaar



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300K should have no snorkel

Unless sold in CA, Then I believe it may have a nipple for the hose going to the carb??

Dave Schwandt

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My single 413 4 barrel air cleaner has one snorkel, I do not know if that's correct on the car?

Thanks Harry

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Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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