[Chrysler300] 1955 Chrysler parts
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[Chrysler300] 1955 Chrysler parts

Hello Group,

Reading through The Forward Look MoPar Network page in Facebook earlier today, I came across a posting by Pete Hendrickson (not a 300 Club Intl member) for a nearby friend of his in Bozeman, Montana - I reached out to Pete today, and his response follows --

In a nutshell, here is the story.  A friend named Bob is dying of stage four non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  He has a ’55 Chrysler 300 project that he has been working on for 17 years.  When we learned of his illness last October, a few friends and I jumped in to attempt to get the 300 running (at minimum).  I've been helping him sort through 20 years of 1955 Chrysler 300 cars and parts on his ranch.


It was important to him to have rust-free, bondo-free parts on his car, so over the past couple of decades, he acquired several parts cars.

Sadly, the ranch that he grew up on (four generations) has been sold, so the buildings that these parts cars are in are being razed.  A friend and I spent the weekend moving all of the parts to one building that won’t be torn down for a few more months.  We are not only trying to get Bob’s 300 running before he passes, but as a life-long Mopar enthusiast, I am trying to save these rare parts cars from going to the scrapper. I really hate seeing... anything of potential value get scrapped

There are three “cars” – two white ’55 300s (one with title), and one ’55 Windsor deluxe four door (ran when parked). There are two additional complete Chrysler 301 Spitfire engines. There are two torqueflites and one powerflite. Lots of trim, and spare parts. Power seat and window parts, etc. Everything can be purchased for $2,000, all of which is going to his wife.


Feel free to give me a call tomorrow for more info.

Thank you.

Pete Hendrickson

phone: 406-570-9552; email: moparmontana@xxxxxxxxx

Hopefully, a Club member is interested, and should reach out directly to Pete. I hope we can find a proper home for these! I have a very few photos that Pete posted, and can forward them, if you're interested. Pete has more photos that he can send directly to you. He's on the road retrieving an old car, but said he expects to be home late Wednesday or early Thursday.

Noel Hastalis

Burr Ridge, IL


Posted by: Noel Hastalis <cpaviper@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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