[Chrysler300] 300G ball and trunnion boot replacement
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[Chrysler300] 300G ball and trunnion boot replacement

I am in the process of replacing my deteriorated boot on the front of my 300G driveshaft with a replacement from Mark Sherman (thanks Mark).  I've got the new boot in fine through the housing, but I am concerned about the needle bearings.  I've counted both sides, and it appears I have 31 needles in one side and 30 in the other.  Anyone out there know the correct number of needles that should be in there? also, is it OK to use hi-temp wheel bearing grease for lube?


Bob J

300G convert



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Sorry meant to say Bill Allen! Spaced out! 

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On Apr 1, 2017, at 12:32 PM, Noel Hastalis <cpaviper@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Perhaps Bill Allen can assist. Bill, host of our recent Alamogordo, NM Meet, had his great tribute Petty #42 '56 Dodge at that Meet, and trailered it all the way up to our Fall '16 Elkhart Lake Meet! You can view the brief video of this '56 Dodge on our Club website's Events page / Elkhart Lake Meet / Videos. You'll see the decklid autographed by both Maurice and Richard Petty.

Noel Hastalis

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Hi am familiar only with 57 , .. didn't Mr Jett have a 56 tribute ? He might have info. I know CHP had them , beat every other car they tested in 56 . I think it had 300 brakes too . 

I am building a 55 270 mini hemi  ,--- loved the "going goat " won C/A at nationals 5 years in a row , from 57-61 beating 10000 small block Chebbies , right centered in their sweet spot. Got into mid 12  sec , only 270" , had a home made ram manifold of his own design in57  , two years before high and mighty 392 plymouth with same ideas. He beat the Chrysler ramchargers engineers in the plymouth 392 with the 270 in fact to win the trophy one year. How about that !!! I think mopar engineers got or took whole idea for ram induction from him . Billy Rasmussen, " Going Goat" 32 Ford , 3spd  stick .the  Last year in a Fiat body  or something .

I saw him at Sanford Maine wipe out every fast Chevy in New England about 1960 . He walked away at top end like they were stopped. Go lil hemi !! 

He was traveling around taking $ like a movie. A Texas preacher .. 

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On Mar 31, 2017, at 7:41 PM, John Holst jholst@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This is not 300 related, but possibly someone may have some help for Jeff. The D-500 was also a car of renown and some members have indicated that they have/had a similar car in the past. Any help out there? John...

Dear Webmaster,

I have a `56 Dodge D-500 and once obtained a link to "Fear The Flags" which was a great article about the history of the `56 D-500. I have been unable to find that link lately and I wondered why. Was it removed, and if so, is there another site that I can access to get it?
Jeff Paley, Jeff Paley <jbpaley@xxxxxxx>




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