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RE: [Chrysler300] 300G ball and trunnion boot replacement



Thank you for the feedback on the needle count, your suggestion makes perfect sense to me.  The thing that is odd to me, and the reason I asked about the needle count, is that the bearing side with 31 needles feels just fine but the bearing with 30 needles seams stiff, doesn't turn easily, and does not readily slide off the pin as it should.  I suspect the missing needle has somehow caused this.  At this point, I'm going to try and find new bearings and install them before I put it all back together.  I will count the needles in the new bearings before I install them, and post what I find.


Bob J


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Hello Bob;



I have some drive shaft bearing kits out in the warehouse

I could dig one out and count needles

but let me use my noggin and say the answer is likely 31.


Although I have changed a buncha boots and done the bearings

I have never counted needles. I know both cups should be

crammed full of needles such that a cup with a

full set of needles will have no space for another needle.

I bet your cup with 30 needles has room for #31 needle


your cup with 31 has no room for #32 needle......if you

follow my foggy early morning English.

It would be hard to imagine one cup full at 30 needles while the other side

full at 31.


If you need one needle bearing, let me know. I am

pretty sure I have a spare from which I draw needles

to replace ones I have lost.


Great boots from Mark Sherman. I am so glad he supplies them.


My guess on your high temp grease is it is more than required but won't

hurt anything. Grease requirements for a wheel bearing should be

way above anything required by a needle bearing.






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Subject: [Chrysler300] 300G ball and trunnion boot replacement



I am in the process of replacing my deteriorated boot on the front of my 300G driveshaft with a replacement from Mark Sherman (thanks Mark).  I've got the new boot in fine through the housing, but I am concerned about the needle bearings.  I've counted both sides, and it appears I have 31 needles in one side and 30 in the other.  Anyone out there know the correct number of needles that should be in there? also, is it OK to use hi-temp wheel bearing grease for lube?


Bob J

300G convert




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