RE: [Chrysler300] Reference for Heater Valve Repair Service - Excellent!
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RE: [Chrysler300] Reference for Heater Valve Repair Service - Excellent!

Not sure how the “G” works, but on the 413 “H”, there are two different water pumps. One with I believe (6) blades for the one “with” A/C and one with (8) blades for the one “without” A/C. Don’t ask me why the difference and why the one with A/C has less blades, but…


The one with A/c also has a “7” blade fan and a bigger radiator…




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That exact same thing happened to me in a new 60 Dodge Pioneer  (admittedly in middle of a race at about 45 in first) ; to say surprised at that point grossly understates it suddenly filled with steam and hot water ., that rubber top blew right off.   In later years I decided I do not trust Ranco valve at all, started using late 70’s dodge truck on / off in line cable operated valve under hood, all metal. ; whole idea of temp control with no calibration not of any real use, but mopar had those valves  forever. As in back to no pressure radiator cap.  (Somebody’s brother in law made them ?) When hot you  turn it down , when cold up.  Leave where comfortable, plain valve or temp controlled one, same thing . How everyone uses it. Has nothing to do with appreciating automatic water flow by sensing temp. But understand we want it original, with the original problems too!


Hummer uses a similar in line hose plain valve;  similar to dodge truck, but sense of push and pull to open it is reversed. You can adapt that , by moving cable to other side, making a sheath clamp  --only 15$ on eBay in past .  Dodge one like $ 50. All this only meant by way of information…


But great to hear of a reliable resource…I too, am so glad guys like Joe are out there….


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I have used Joe also, and his work is awesome. I don’t know anyone else with that kind of consistent turn around.



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Subject: [Chrysler300] Reference for Heater Valve Repair Service - Excellent!



Last week the heater valve on my 1957 Chrysler 300C failed and puked antifreeze all over the new Gary Goers front carpet ("Awesome" brand cleaner to the rescue!).  Thanks to a tip from someone on the list server, I sent the bad valve to Joe Hudacek in Wisconsin.  He completely rebuilt the valve, cleaned it up so it looked like new (although it's hidden and nobody but the mechanic can see it!), and sent it back to me the next day!  Cost at his end was $85, which included return shipping.  Perfect execution within a tiny niche market, but I'm so glad people like him are available resources for our Club members and others.  His minimalist business card says he repairs other automotive switches such as   "Headlight, Ignition, Wiper, Heater, Stoplight, Back-up, Dimmer, Starter, etc."    See his website at     or call Joe Hudacek personally at (715)392-6169

Ray Melton

Las Cruces, NM  1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible      White/Gauguin, s/n 3N572517 

"Big Red" - my Dad's nickname for it while he owned it from 1969 until his passing.    Five-year, 99.5% restoration complete and ready to rumble again - but there's always something else to do, isn't there?  NO restoration is EVER complete!  I'm ready for "What's Next"?!


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