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Re: [Chrysler300] 61 G Heater Core

The vendor with a good history is:
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Subject: Re: [Chrysler300] 61 G Heater Core


Hello Val -

Your water leak might not be the heater core; just two weeks ago the heater control valve failed and leaked on the passenger side footwell carpet of my '57 300C.  The heater box will likely have to be removed to get to either the valve or the heater core, so it's a good opportunity to check BOTH potential sources of water leakage.  The heater valve repair is quick and relatively painless ($85 - see my posts from just last week about where to send it), whereas I bet the heater core removal and repair will end up costing quadruple that!  A good radiator shop should be able to repair the heater core (if it's not too eaten up with corrosion); after all, it is indeed just a miniature radiator!  Good time to replace all the hoses and clamps, too.

Ray Melton

On 4/9/2017 12:50 PM, Val Jeffers edward1108@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:
  Greetings all,
                       I am sure mine is leaking as I feel wetness on the front passenger carpet. Where might a new one be found or can it possibly be repaired ? I assume you remove the heater box on the firewall for access ? Appreciate any help !


                                                                                   Val Jeffers


Posted by: "John Holst" <jholst@xxxxxxxxx>

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