Re: [Chrysler300] Re 300 D exhaust Installation!!
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Re: [Chrysler300] Re 300 D exhaust Installation!!

Hi Ron,

I am pretty particular about having my C restoration "look" right, but far less fussy about material correctness. Preferring driveability and durability over points, I went with stainless from front to back, but with pretty close faithfulness to the original shape. I happened to use Waldrons for my source and am very pleased, but I'm sure Kanters product should be fine too.

One thing I believe about Kanter is that they will stand behind their work, and that they'll do it over if they get it wrong. A very good acquaintance of mine is Bob Porecca in NJ. He has had Kanter do a fair amount of work for him, including pretty much a whole restoration of his black 300C a couple of years ago. He had to keep going back to them on several issues, but as far as I can recollect, he felt they always ended up doing right by him.

One thing often done wrong on a C/D exhaust job is when the shape of the tailpipes is wrong back of the muffler. I see the comment from John Chesnutt, and I agree with him. But I'd go further and say that the tailpipes are supposed to come down after the axle rise, and then angle up a smidge next to the gas tank, and then tip down at an angle before being cut off at the end on a parallel with the ground. I hope that sounds less confusing to you than it is when I read it myself.

The other thing I did for convenience of being able to easily take things apart and be able to reassemble is on the exhaust pipes. I have a stainless new-fangled band connector that works unbelievably slick. I have those bands about in the area of the bellhousing, and it makes the system easy to move out of the way for any work it gets in the way of.

The car is only a block away from my office, and matter-of-fact I'm finishing up my Torqueflite installation this afternoon. So if you are interested in any photos of my system, I have the car up on my lift and could take any pictures you would find helpful. Just let me know.

Bulletin: I just took some photos and will send to you in a separate email.

I could also put you in touch with the great-guy Bob Porecca if that would be helpful. Again, just let me know.

See you in Geneva, I hope. We are almost ready.

Keith Boonstra
Cell 616.450.5428


On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 9:15 AM, RONALD KRAUTH rakrauth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Greetings from Vermont!
Having our mechanic install new exhaust system. any hints from the
We have system from Kanter Auto.
Thanks in advance/ Happy (Hoppy) Easter.. Anita K


Posted by: Keith Boonstra <kboonstra@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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