RE: [Chrysler300] 300G Heat Riser parts
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RE: [Chrysler300] 300G Heat Riser parts

I would love to see the heat riser parts reproduced, I've been doing without for years on my G.  I'm fine when the weather is warm and I'm using the car, but the colder it gets, or when starting after long periods, it takes too long for the chokes to pull off.


Bob Jasinski

Danville CA



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Hi everyone this is something I'm also chasing, would there be enough needed to consider reproduction of such by the club? They are nearing the end of their life on some cars and nos has basically run out, where are the votes? I vote yay,


Lol Mike in Australia



On 17 Apr 2017 10:32 AM, "cv300g@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]" <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Does anyone have any spare of the following Heat Riser parts they are willing to part with ?


Counter Weight Shield ( The Heat Riser ) P.N. 1944616 , Left Side

Thermostat ( The Main Spring)  P.N. 2128933

STOP   P.N. 683057  Small flat steel piece with a hole and a piece of, what looks like asbestos wrapped around the other end. Acts like a bumper for when the Heat Riser returns to rest against the stop shaft. 

BOLT   P.N. 1736012  Bolt to secure the Heat Riser to the main shaft.

Now, if someone happens to have a Repair Kit for the left side  and they are willing to part with it that would be even better. It would include all the parts mentioned above along with a few more.

The P.N. for the LEFT side Heat Riser is 2084795.

Of course NOS would be preferred but good used will do too.


Charlie Valentine


62 300 Sport Convertible

1965 Plymouth Barracuda



Posted by: "Bob Jasinski" <rpjasin@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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