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Re: [Chrysler300] 1961 G restoration

Jim, I'm sure this will stir up some controversy but you used the word 'restore', so if you are truly going to restore the car, I don't think you could consider a two-stage paint. A single stage urethane enamel will give you the most authentic look (especially if you resist color sanding and polishing). 

If your definition of a restoration leaves room for changes to the original car that may include brake upgrades, tire/wheel changes, electronic ignition, chrome valve covers, aftermarket audio equipment etc. , then perhaps having your body man work extra hard at leveling out the panels, adjusting gaps, and applying a deep glossy two-stage finish followed by color sanding and polishing might be more what you're after. You need to decide what you want to end up with and how much you want to spend before you get too deep into it. 

My thought is, with 300's, originality is what usually brings the money and gets the awards and accolades. If you get the body & paint right by getting it close to original with a single stage paint, you can either go all out and do everything 'correct' bow to stern or you can add your own non-original touches as you see fit; things that can be undone in the future by yourself or others, should you ever sell the car. 

I'm baffled by restorers who must have all the correct clamps, ignition wires, paint markings, exhaust hangers (you name it) and then spend a ton of cash perfecting the originally very imperfect body and paint..... and put on a set of radials.  In the end you just have to do what makes you feel good about your car.

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Hi group, We are finally going restore our G after all these years. So I am going to have a lot of questions to the experts in the club. I've got the engine and transmission and complete interior out of the car and almost ready for paint. The white paint on the car now is probably lacquer or enamel I'm not to familiar with the kinds of paint but I have heard of base coat clear coat. What kind of paint would you guys recommend?
Thanks Jim Rhoades Pueblo Co

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