Re: [Chrysler300] Distributor Cap Caution
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Re: [Chrysler300] Distributor Cap Caution

Big problems with junk parts from Asia. Aluminum oxide is an insulator. Great heads up . Watch too for condensers with an imprinted X in blank end of case , they are junk . Same reason . Imprinted x is the ground connection  to internal foils. Aluminum on both sides. It goes intermittent . Intermittant weak  spark 

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Just removed and junked a one year old distributor cap that was the correct tan color but had aluminum rotor contacts and plug wire sockets.
The rotor contacts were corroded and so were 2 of the plug wire sockets - dissimilar metals I guess.
The 413 in my 62 Sport ran fine with no load, but kept missing severely at freeway speeds. New black NAPA distributor works fine.
Will check my H tomorrow!


Posted by: John Grady <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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