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Re: [Chrysler300] 300G Trunk Emblem

    On the other hand - When I first restored my G, I got the rear deck emblem from EmbleMagic and put it on the car.  At the car's debut at Don Cole's meet in Pennsylvania, George looked at it and said it was a great emblem, best he had seen and obviously NOS.  At the business meting he then castigated EmbleMagic for turning out what he thought was nothing but crap. I never did tell him where I got that emblem.
Pete Fitch
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Years ago I ordered a 300F grill badge from Emblemagic and George Riehl warned me about the poor quality.  He was right and when I talked to Emblemagic after the badge arrived which was not acceptable they stuck me with a heavy restocking fee.  At the time I ordered the club was out but later I did get one from them which was excellent.

I hesitate to mention this but Australian George makes really great stuff but he is difficult to deal with and it takes a very long time.  I met him at the Lake Tahoe meet when we had our '55 T&C wagon there and he looked at the front and rear medallions and said he could make them.  The order was placed and $$ fu nded for a pair of those and front parking light lenses which are mirror images.

Roughly one year later after many communications and listening to his stories of (insert your word her) the items arrived and they were and still are PERFECT.  It was $$ well spent. 

John Lazenby

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Emblemagic is about 18 months out on these. If anyone has a nice Trunk Emblem that they would like to part with, please let me know. Thanks! Dan


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