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[Chrysler300] Parts

Hi All,

Cleaning out my trailer, I have a few items that might be of interest to members. .

Very nice '64 Service Technical Manual  $25 US postage included 

Complete NEW never installed shock set (2 front 2 rear) for '60 through '64 Chrysler.   Front set are KYB gas a just that need minor bushing trimming to fit, rear set Monroe load adjusting with coil springs surrounding the shock. Great if your leaf springs are a bit saggy or you want a firmer ride. Cost at ROCK auto to duplicate $200 with shipping, sell for $120 with shipping

Set of front and rear "door window fuzzies" for a '62 300.  These should also fit '60 and '61 no problem.  With some trimming on the rears, they should also fit '63 and '64.  $60 US postage included

I also have a pair of 413 crankshafts that I will send pictures of to interested parties  One is an early steel crank for a cast iron transmission and one is a later steel crank for aluminum transmission   I believe the early crank was turned 10-10 and the later crank untouched.  I have to double check that.There is some light spot surface rust from storage in the trailer, but should clean up OK at the machine shop. $150 for early crank, $100 for later, US shipping at cost .  

Checks from members or PayPal accepted   Thanks for your interest 

Russ Vaughan  


Posted by: russ300@xxxxxxxxx

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