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RE: [Chrysler300] Ram K brake pedal

OK.  I blew it by not reading the question correctly.  I have my instrument panel out and can see the brake pedal/pushrod assembly.  But I can’t see way back within the suspension bracket to see any alternative locations for relocating the pushrod attaching point.  We definitely had to change the mounting plate on the firewall side to enable re-mounting a proper non-boosted MC there but made no changes to the pushrod assembly.   However, we’re just returning the system to as-was from the factory on this ram car so maybe when the conversion to a standard booster was made the previous owner did not change the pedal.  My brakes are a little grabby so I must investigate further.


So, I went to the Parts Catalog and see that the brake pedal for a non-P/B Newport or 300 is the same as for a ram 300K car.  The brake pedals for all Newport/300/NY with P/B are the same but different from the non-P/B cars and ram cars.  So, yes—the pedals being different indicates the mechanical advantage/leverage may also be different.  I did see one picture of a pedal that had two holes in it but nothing more than that.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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Hi , 

Do not know about ramK due to complexity of hydroboost behind this question ; probably work either way, but only one is factory right . But on manual brakes without hydroboost the master is higher not lower , as top pivot is fixed. 

to get more pressure for a given bore , you raise it . It is almost 2:1 different in 60's F / dodge etc 

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Quick question:

I used to know the answer to this but have forgotten...(Insert old age joke here)


The 64 300s with manual brakes used a different (lower) hole location to attach the master cylinder pushrod to the brake pedal as well as a different firewall support plate than the power brake equipped cars.


My question: Do the Ram Ks  use the MANUAL  brake pedal  pushrod position and related support plate ?

I assume they do ! 


Thanks !


Jeff Miklas - Ldmiklas@xxxxxxxxxxx


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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