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Re: [Chrysler300] Ignition Timing

Yes, early hemi family of engines and A-block engines have the same distributor rotation.  Another easy way to determine which way the distributor should be moved is to observe the orientation of the vacuum advance chamber.  It always points in the direction of "spark advance".    To advance the spark turn the distributor accordingly.
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A and B blocks are opposite ,that  has caught more than one person .( firing order / plug wire location, drawing of cap ) . I would assume early hemi same as A block , but do not know for sure.  But the way engine acts when you twist it will tell you . Watch out for stretched chain too as to why it would change . 

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As the rotor turns counter-clockwise during operation, one must turn the distributor body clockwise to advance the spark.  Previous posts suggest it is not always proper to accept the timing marks on the crankshaft due to possible rotational shift of the vibration balancer.




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Which way (clockwise or counter clockwise) should I turn the distributor to advance the ignition timing on my 300F?  Terry McTaggart





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