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Re: [Chrysler300] Tires 300K 15 inch radial wire wheels

You bring to mind other variations in whitewall geometry by tire line. Typically the Original Equipment changed first, followed by the next level up - typically the same or nearly the same tire design but nylon cord instead of rayon - see Custom Power Cushion (Nylon or later Vytacord) vs Power Cushion (Rayon or later Polyester). The lower level tires frequently did not get the latest whitewalls for a couple of years if at all.

As an example, only the 1970-71 OE level bias belted were ever dual whitewall (a few non standard geometry exceptions noted - Goodrich Lifesaver, General Dual 90, etc). The upper level tires stayed single whitewall as did the lower level tires.

And frequently the highest level were distinctly odd whitewalls - dual, triple, radial white lines inboard, etc to distinguish the tire snob and discourage going to another dealer when you needed new tires.

Rich - just wondering if your spare is square shoulder with sharp corners in tread groves or rounded shoulder with less distinct changes in groove like seen in the 1966 catalog you refer to. The former should have been an 8.50-14, the later an 8.55-14.

You are making me rething my timeline - I had been pretty sure the narrower whitewall came in later than 1964 but maybe it just moved outward later.

Edward Mills Antique Tractors 1930-1960 Antique Cars 1960-1985
On 7/28/2017 2:23 PM, 'Rich Barber' c300@xxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:

Just as a point of reference, I have as a spare in our ’64 300K ram car, an 8.55/14 Goodyear Power Cushion “3T” WSW bias-ply tire.  It as a 5/8”-wide white ring 1-1/8” away from the edge of the rim.  This is an inexpensive Rayon-cord tire costing $36.20 A/O 1-1-66.   At the same time, an 8.55/14 Goodyear Blue Streak WSW was $54.45 and appeared to have a slightly wider WSW.  I recall that the tire manufacturers changed tire-size nomenclature from 8.50/14 to 8.55/14 in 1965 with little change in dimensions.  WSW and sidewalls changed often making exact replacement challenging.


The 1964 Goodyear Tire catalog (            ) contains 8.00/14 and 8.50/14 WSW Nylon Custom Super Cushion “Blue Circle” tires at $41.45 and $47.55 each.  The illustration indicates a slightly-wider “Narrow” WSW (said to be 1”-1 1/8” wide) about the same distance away from the rim.  Catalog note:  Available for Factory Shipment Only +-Tire Equipped with Sidewall Valve for Optional Use with CAPTIVE-Am STEEL-CORD SAFETY SHIELD


I know Harry is striving for originality, but with radial tires on 15’ x 8” wire-spoke wheels, originality of tires and wheels is lost so might as well go with a good, safe tire that looks good.  I’d go with the widest-possible narrow WSW but would not pop for a custom one-off tire just for the sake of the width of the WSW.  I do like the concept of a bias-ply look radial but they are not currently available with narrow WSW or in ideal sizes for letter cars           .


Page 31 of the Diamond Back catalog has a P235/75R15 Auburn Premium tire with a ¾” WSW  The 29” OD is even a little larger than that of the 8.50 x 14 bias-ply tires (28.10”) that came on ram ‘64’s.  Styled for the 1979 Lincolns and mimicking the Michelin tread style.  Pricing is unclear but probably around $225-$250.    The black ring around the rim appears to be wider than the ¾” WSW.  The catalog is pretty clear that Diamond Back will make you a WSW of the width you want it and, presumably, the right distance from the rim.



Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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Try Diamondback tires in Conway,  SC.



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I think you are probably out of luck if you want exactly one inch. I assume you have consulted Coker as to exactly what they have - maybe the American Classics or their new bias look radials - I have not checked them. But you also need to ask distance from inner edge of whitewall to rim - most originals were a bit further out than some of the reproduction tires.

As to production tires mostly 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch and white edge 7/8" to 1-1/16" from edge of rim while Original BFG and Michelin of late 60's to early 80's vintage appear to have been 1-3/8" (2 samples - one BFG HT Silvertown 770, other Michelin X Radial).

Nexen N'Priz AH5 P235/75R15 5/8" whitewall, 1" from rim edge

Hankook Optimo H724 P235/75R15 5/8" whitewall, 1-1/16" from rim edge

Toyo Extensa A/S P235/75R15 3/4" whitewall, 7/8" from rim edge

Cooper Trendsetter SE P235/75R15 3/4" whitewall 1" from rim edge

All above measured as mounted in 71 vintage Chrysler 15x6 rims at 32 psi.

(Mastercraft, Multi-Mile, and other Cooper made tires will be same sas trendsetter SE). (Kingstar made by Hankook but appear lower quality). I did not try Milestar MA775 as they are made in China and appeared to be inferior in appearance. Above Nexen (Korea), Hankook (Korea or Indonesia),  Toyo (Japan) , Cooper (Mexico).

Two I have not checked Maxxis MA1 and Gremax 5000 but I think those are also Chinese? Maxxis, however, makes a good ATV tire and an expensive (supposed to be good) trailer tire.

You could go to Diamond Back and have them custom make a set of blackwalls into 1 inch whitewalls by vulcanizing on a whitewall but that is expensive and it puts additional stress on sidewall during prep (buffing) and secondary vulcanization. Still may be your only option.


Edward Mills Antique Tractors 1930-1960 Antique Cars 1960-1985

On 7/27/2017 11:13 PM, Harry Torgeson torg66@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:


Hi members, I'm still looking for a set of 235-75R-15 one inch radial white wall tires, only found under 1 inch or over 1 inch, tried all internet sites, hope they still make them somewhere. My current tires are gone.

Thanks Harry




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