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RE: [Chrysler300] WCFB

Hi Dan,


You are really preaching to the choir on that engine. They blew up easily however; I had a 3 year old 57 D500 stick 325 hemi convert with 370 gears, 1960 or so blew,  about 25 stock transmissions (junk design , mopar pin synchros broke off on fast shift (ahem) , fall into gear mesh, =boom)  racing every single night. “the route 2 timing association” Junkyard Plymouths were stripped of manual trans for miles around. Blew the 325 engine (rods through block ) twice. put in a 392 300D and a beefy Packard OD, Dodge oil truck 3800 lb B&B clutch, velvetouch metallic disc, best I ever beat was a brand new 421 Pontiac 61 Ventura , triples and 4 speed, by about ten feet! but after 62 , the max wedge,  and big 425 409 with typically 4;56 had me. great years before that . The current (then, 62 ) C gas record holder at Sanford, a 327 300hp 62 chev coupe , but 4;56 gears  beat me too , by 10 feet, and he was turning 13.2 , nationally ranked 327 . guy was smart and fast.  But writing on the wall…and off to college, no $. Pulled 392 to ‘soup up” in 63 , car never ran again…no $ . 57 Dodge junked by my father. Arrgh.


But , as stated before, I remember Billy Rasmussen out of Texas won C gas at nationals every single year consecutively 57-61 with ? 270 dodge hemi in 32 ford turning 12’s.he beat 10,000 283, 301  chevs built by all the USA chev pros to do that ,--he pulled away at top end like they had stopped , unbelievable ---Saw him at Sanford Maine airport drag strip, take all the chev  money,=  this guy a fan forever. Called it  “Goin Goat” it had a white dodge ram on door. Remember 200lbs less than 392,. That is a lot of lbs. off the front . 392 made me a bit nose heavy….


That 57 dodge with D500 325 also got beat (going uphill on Route 2 hill out of Boston) by a white 300B , MD plates, guy was absolutely crazy, I was two lengths in front at 90 from start light , he caught me at 100+ ; I stopped racing at about 115, (junkyard tires!) he was rapidly pulling away at 120+ uphill . Those 354 B’s really move at the top end. They deserved their 140 mph records. That big moan sound from WOT 300B hemi at 110 mph set me after a 392 300 engine for my dodge….300B  a Dog off the line , but over 80, they owned it. Everyone knew that too. Hot heads got 600HP at only 5500 RPM  out of 380”  354, at engine masters challenge a few years back, came in second, says something right there ; beat 426 hemi’s , cammer 427 fords, 454 chevs.


Were the AFB bore centers in same place as WCFB , or did you offset taper the centers in that plate ? Do you remember? or was plate primarily for bolt pattern ? I am doing same thing with PCV, hot heads makes a grommet fits it into  draft tube hole. ---but going into a 3/8” pipe tee added at the stock manifold vacuum start switch . 57 Poly 325 had 270 HP power pack, WCFB, what I have now,  ; D500 only 20 hp more. AFB might even that!


I remember Broderick Crawford(sp?) on CHIPS , on 10”  B and W TV,.  Late 50’s , he  had a CHP 56 D500 , chasing down Y block 312  Fords and 265 /283 chevs . CHP tested all 56 cars ,D500 killed all of the others. 12” 300  brakes on it too. No politics then,  fastest car wins the order. (so much for dog v6 Ford eco bronco or whatever they use now) .


I made a pickup with magnets like that , to control the Packard OD shift , (EE hat on) …..


Back to 300’s…and WCFB.


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John and all:


Back in 1985/86, I restored a 1956 Dodge, w/315 polysphere engine.  In 1956, I purchased a new 1956 Dodge Coronet D-500 (Hemi).  It could beat anything running in western PA.  So, I wondered what would happen if I put a larger carb on the latest one (polysphere engine) I was restoring.  Happens I was restoring my newly acquired 1966 Chrysler 300 convertible at the time.  I had purchased a new 650 cfm AFB and decided to use it temporarily on the Dodge.  Well, well, what wonders I had uncovered.  As an example, going up Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado, I got into a pissing match with a new T-Bird near the 10,000 ft. elevation.  I was passing the Bird when he started to gun it and pull away from me.  Well, I would have none of that and kicked my Dodge into passing gear and passed him with ease.  Never saw the Bird after that.  Bottom line is that the 650 cfm carb did wonders for that 315 engine.  It simply released the unused power in that engine.  Too bad that Dodge did not put a larger carb on the Dodge in the first place.  Maybe would have beaten the 300B's on the beach Flying Mile in 1956!  After all, in September of 1955, the 1956 Dodge set over 100 new land speed records on the sands of Bonneville that year.  AND, that was with the 450 cfm carb on a polysphere engine!!  As for mounting the 650 cfm carb to the manifold for the 450 cfm carb, I honed out a 1/2" plate of aluminum so I could install a vacuum port at the front and a port at the rear for a PCV hose from the PCV valve I had mounted on the right side valve cover.


I now have a multi function computer in the Dodge which includes cruise control, mpg, and a whole host of other goodie info.  It bypasses the speedometer cable and takes the speed from the rpm's of the drive shaft and is accurate to about 1%. When I change tire sizes, I can recalibrate it.  The kit came with magnets to install on the driveshaft and a pick-up for this function.  I got this from J. C. Whitney back in 1985 for about $112..


Dan Reitz

Bell Canyon, CA



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Hi all,
Into a problematic single quad setup WCFB, it sat 15-20 years with bad gas in it , gummed up , even throttle blades so sticky In bores spring cannot pull the carb closed . A little depressing , it has obviously also been messed with ( to Jamie’s point a few weeks back ) ; manual choke hacked into it.
I know they are good carbs when working right but once gummed up , or moronized, one wonders if removing all the lead balls etc to clean out passages might be needed . Not sure , but not into an atomic carb rebuild of unknown outcome today either
--- For daily driver . Pro rebuild takes forever , not always all roses either , and big $ ..
So why the post ? WCFB is actually less than a 400 cfm carb , so wondered if small afb ( edelbrock) might have same bore centers .. like a 500 or 625 . And so fit on WCFB bolts a or throttle bore locations ? ? Has anyone changed from WCFB to a later carb.?? . afb is obvious successor ? Can Machine manifold , but easier probably to get another WCFB . Maybe .
Thoughts welcome , not advocating , but wondering . Rather a new serviceable carb, than an unknown walk in the park for more money.. and if on a trip , cannot get WCFB parts any more... generally .
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Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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