Re: [Chrysler300] Window mechanism bites owner-tech
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Re: [Chrysler300] Window mechanism bites owner-tech

I said I knew about the spring.
My learning experience...
I had the regulator out of the door with the motor still attached.
On the bench, I removed the 3 bolts holding the motor and went to lift off the motor.
As soon as it came clear of the gear, the lift arm violently swung around and the object that stopped it was my forehead, I still have a slight dent there. Only thing that saved me from a real disaster was the regulator was not attached to anything and when the arm hit my noggin, the regulator flew off the bench.

This is why I always secure the arm to the frame of the regulator.
Also, there is no index for where the motor is installed. put it on the frame and bolt it tight.
The motor does not care where it is, will run to lift or lower until it is stalled.


On Sun, Dec 24, 2017 at 7:39 PM, 'Rich Barber' c300@xxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A response for an unnamed friend.  Remember this before you start working on automobile window regulators/lifting mechanisms.  Stored energy in a wound-up spring has no conscience.


Rich, one of the dumber things I did years ago was to repair the switch in our 72 Town and Country. The door switch was not working.   had the door cover removed and was working inside the inner frame without being able to see what was going on. Repair by Braille. As you can guess the spring slipped of the motor end and very nicely nearly took of the middle finger at the first joint. Pulled the hide down to the next joint and required 19 stitches to bring every thing back to normal. I decided that any further switch repair would be done by an expert. Haven't needed this yet but the reminder is very clear in my mind.

Thanks for sharing, friend!

Counting blessings this Christmas eve,

Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA




Ray Jones. Y'all come on down an see us. Ya hear?


Posted by: Ray Jones <1970hurst@xxxxxxxxx>

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