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Re: [Chrysler300] 2019 B-J Scottsdale docket

Rob and Group -

On the 300-G I guess I'll look for when at B-J in a couple weeks - I last saw it at RM's Auctions America Auburn, IN Sept 2013 Labor Day auction - Lot #5175. It was there with a 'sister' car - a bright red G convertible.

The black G coupe - I shared the s/n and photos of this car with the Club's officers and directors back then. The car's body plate was missing. The overstuffed red seats with their unusual embossed squares, that were likely stamped to simulate the factory G leather embossing. The seats were so overstuffed, you could barely fold the seat back forward a few inches. Where our Fs and Gs have the brushed aluminum inserts on their door and rear side panels, this car has stuffed silver vinyl containing 3 horizontal pleats. The headliner is red. The steering wheel was [painted?] black where it should be charcoal, has red padded vinyl or leather covering what would be the clear plastic, and the center cap had a black padded round cover in place of the concave '300' emblem. Odometer read 152 miles. Description read - complete body-off restoration recently. The dash was covered with smooth vinyl, and not the correct '61 dash pad with its embossed ribbing. Console armrests and bases are also red. Backing around the rear seats, which s/b black carpeted, was red vinyl. Floor plate squares had padded vinyl inserts where the rubber squares would be in place. Modern electric chokes and carbs that were stamped 'WEBER.' Car was a No-Sale at that auction, with ask price sticker on the windshield asking $60k. Curious that my photo of the car on the block showed it bid to $60k and said "Reserve Lifted" - so the bidder must have backed out.

A few comments about its 'sister car' red G convertible, the s/n of which I also shared with Club officers/directors. I say sister car, because it had the same upholstered interior, albeit in light tan. Same overstuffed seats, with same embossing, silver side panels, red vinyl backing around the rear seats instead of black carpet. Body plate was on the car, showing WW1, which would have been Alaskan White, and not the bright red it was painted. Steering wheel was [painted?] red plastic where it should be charcoal, with padded tan vinyl where it should be clear plastic. Dash was painted red instead of charcoal. Thick padded tan sun visors. Bright red carpeting, instead of black. Sign on the steering wheel said "car will start in gear." I had a very large pool of trans fluid under it.


On January 6, 2019 at 10:11 PM "Rob Kern robkern@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]" <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Hello 300’ly to all!
Just finished reviewing the entire docket of offerings at this year's B-J Scottsdale auction. Two Letter Cars: a G hardtop in black with red interior? Special order color? Steering wheel had red also. Not sure if correct interior, and a gorgeous E Hardtop. Five Demons (2018), beautiful ’56 Chrysler convertible, ’60 Fury convertible, and “58 Dodge D500 convertible. Fabulous ’63 Imperial Southampton. Several ’64 Plymouth Fury convertibles and hardtops. Looks to be a fun time! Info. regarding the G interior accuracy would be appreciated. Rob Kern




Posted by: Noel Hastalis <cpaviper@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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