RE: [Chrysler300] 1962 H - Bucket Seat Hardware Question
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RE: [Chrysler300] 1962 H - Bucket Seat Hardware Question



I’ve found that semi-flat black paint works well for most parts like that. It’s a bit different from semi-gloss.




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After a long, long, long, long search; I have obtained the missing drivers side bucket seat Adjuster / Tracks for my H restoration.

In looking at how they bolt on to the base of the bucket seat frames; I see the following set up....One for each side of each bucket:

  • STUD (5/16-24) - This enters the base of the bucket seat frame at the backside of the seat and is held on by a 5/16-24 Nut (a Whizz Lock Nut with that built in washer  to the nut, similar to this: )
  • SQUARE BOLT HOLE - This bolt enters the base of the bucket seat frame at the frontside of the seat.  The Adjuster / Track has a square hole, for what would seem to be a carriage bolt (probably 5/16-18 OR 5/16-24).  That bolt screws into the seat frame; which has a fixed nut.
    • My question is....IS IT a Carriage Bolt or just a regular bolt?   In my experience; carriage bolts slide into their square home & stay affixed, while spinning a nut on to them.  In this case, though, one cannot spin a seat frame on to this bolt :)

And Finally - 

Anyone know if the factory painted the Adjuster / Tracks gloss or semi-gloss black?



Matt Allyn


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