{Chrysler 300} Lighting and wiring 65-68 Chrysler
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{Chrysler 300} Lighting and wiring 65-68 Chrysler

With the chatter on brighter headlamps comes my warning about slab side (65-68) 300 models and similar. These use a fuse block made out of a material just short of flammable. On my 68 the circuit overheated when I re-lamped the federally mandated 1968 side marker lights. It took two years for me to find the burned 18 gauge wire feeding the parking, tail and stop lamps along with the 4 side marker lamps. It was buried under a few other wires so I never saw it while by-passing the AC circuit which had previously burned out its block connections over 54 years.  Before I found this I had replaced light switches 3 times as the failure behaved as such…but I was wrong.


During the same period with intermittent parking, tail & stop lamps was headlamps going out and coming back. This seemed related but was not. The bulkhead connectors had munged up. A red herring.


The wiring on these cars at the fuse block is not great, with too small a gauge. So before you add more load to these already woefully under-wired circuits check your wiring and add the relays if the lamps will draw appreciably more current.


(See attached photos)


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