{Chrysler 300} More on Ball Joints and Spindle
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{Chrysler 300} More on Ball Joints and Spindle

Before I removed the upper control arm on the driver’s side, I tried the Chrysler-Miller Special tool like I did on the messed-up passenger side.
I was giving it the last ¼ turn, as the service manual states…do not use it to try and press it out, just tight them hit the spindle with a hammer when it came apart. Wow!  Yes! 
I took the upper out and set it aside. I then removed the lower control arm with the spindle.
I then put it into my bench vice and placed the miller tool on the lower. I went tight but did not try to “press it out” as per the manual. I then put a pickle fork on the other side and gave it four or five good hits and it too came apart.
Happy camper as I have one good used spindle and one NOS on the way. The passenger unit, I will fuss with at some point and just keep it as a spare since they are the same on both sides.
Why the difference?  Who knows. I do have one clue. On the passenger side the adjusting cams (bolts) were both pointing toward the front end. The driver’s side and the parts books all show them both pointing from the center out. You adjust nut that is on the inside, the nut on the outside just tightens it.
The upper control arm on the passenger side shows one bushing is shot. And that was probably what was the making noise. The fact that one of the adjusters was not in correctly tells me someone may have been into the passenger side suspension. I wonder if someone had it apart and over torqued the ball joints? I do not like coincidences.
Now I am back in business and can plow forward with the rebuild. No doubt something else will come up, I just hope it is minor.  All the rebuild work was done months ago on the NOS and Used control arms so all of that is ready to go.
Thanks everyone for the responses and idea on this. I will use copious amounts of anti-size compound on all the tapers going back in.
Best, James.

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