RE: [59plymouth] CASTING # OF 260HP 318
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RE: [59plymouth] CASTING # OF 260HP 318

Ed, I'll be checking when I get home tonight and get back to you...
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Subject: [59plymouth] CASTING # OF 260HP 318

Hello list
I am logging all of the POLY and 'B' engine casting numbers for the 56 through 1960 PLYMOUTHS.
JUST FUN TO DO!!  and good for a cross check of origionality!
Anyway,,does anyone have (for sure) an origional POLY  260HP or COMMANDO block in their SPORT FURY??
If so,,would you mind reading the BLOCK CASTING number for me.
On the 361 it is on the top of the block on the drivers side under the head surface.  It should start with 18 or 19 
On the POLY it is on the front passenger side below the head mounting surface.
Thank you

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