Re: [59plymouth] Carb ID
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Re: [59plymouth] Carb ID

>  The AFB 2812S is for the 1959 318 cu. in 260 h.p. engine with automatic
transmission. Its relatively small CFM but Carters were never rated by
CFM anyway. Take a guess at 400 CFM.

"Go Pats!" from out here in Worcester County, too!

Bernie B.

Can anyone help me to ID a Carter AFB I just pulled off my poly.
> It has casting marks AC9 2812S on the front right footing.
> I'm wondering what size the thing is (CFM), possible rebuild and reuse.
> If it's not too much trouble too, the intake as well.
> Factory (I believe) 4BBL p/n 1853229.
> Thanks everyone.
> Tom Duross
> Boston (Bahstin)
> Go Pats!!!!!

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