Re: [59plymouth] 59 Grill.
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Re: [59plymouth] 59 Grill.

I'll share my experience.  I decided to have my original set reanodized and was told my several companies that I have worked with in the past, that they would take no responsibility because the aluminum formulation was unknown.  The result might be clean, or the result might be no grill at all !  But if the grill survived, the finish would not be bright.  I found an outfit in California that said that they would redo the grill to original specs, but the cost would be in the neighborhood of $800.00.  Too rarified a neighborhood for me.

I do have an extra set of the fine serated type that is going on eBay tonight that I glass-beaded.  The result is clean looking.  The non-serated set will be going on eBay at a later date.  Hope this helps.

Dick Skinner
1959 Plymouth Sport Suburban
1953 Maxim Pumper Fire Truck

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