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Re: tell about your rear end

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I replaced the rearend in my 63 Savoy with a 66 Belvedere rear. I have read
on this list that 65-70 are all the same length, but when I measured all of
the models  to do mine, I found that the 65-67 were the same length and the
68-70 were about 1" longer.(backing plate to backing plate) Everything on
the swap was a direct and easy swap. I positioned the pinion angle with

Gary Bradshaw Ft. Worth, Texas

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Subject: tell about your rear end

Hello all,

I'm gathering info to put up a Web page on the '62 to '65 site.

I'm looking for examples from people who have taken the complete
drum-to-drum tapered rear unit out of their 1962-3-4-5 B Body and
swapped in a later drum to drum out of a '65 and up B Body.

What year drum-to-drum did you use and what car did you install it in?
What problems/issues did you face doing that?

Feel free to reply here, as this is a topic I think many people in the
Clubhouse would find interesting.

Gary H.

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