RE: tell about your rear end
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RE: tell about your rear end

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I just installed a complete '70 Road Runner rear end (drum to drum)in my 
'64 Belvedere.  The '64 had a 742 case - open rear end.  The '70 had a 
489 case, which is shorter, and it has a Sure-Grip, which has a larger 
flange than the open rear end.  I was able to buy a U-joint that would 
adapt the smaller driveshaft to the larger rear flange.  I installed the 
Mopar adjustable pinion snubber, but because the 489 case is shorter, I 
had to switch the rubber snubber to face front to back vs. side to side, 
and even then it will just catch on the edge of the floor.  

The perch width is the same on the '64 & '70, but I put in heavy duty 
springs (6 leaf) with 2" additional arch.  I had to use a 4 degree shim 
between the perch and the leaf spring to get the proper pinion angle.  
If the springs settle from use, I'll probably switch to a 3 degree shim 
in the future. My parts supplier felt that I needed the longer U-bolts 
because of the 6 leaf springs + shims.  I didn't, and ended up cutting 
off the extra length with a hack saw to make it look correct.

The brass fitting for the '70 rear is angled and located a little 
differently, which moved the rubber hose a little closer to the muffler, 
but I think it will be OK. 

I switched the emergency brake cables from the old to the new backing 
plates, and the emergency brake intermediate cable fit just fine.  

The Sure-Grip used left hand thread studs on the driver's side, and I 
couldn't find lug nuts to match the ones on my Torq Thrust II wheels, so 
I switched those studs for ones with right hand threads....Brian 

'64 Belvedere
Woodstock, IL.

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