Max Wedge air cleaners
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Max Wedge air cleaners

I'm looking for a set of Max Wedge air cleaners for my '63 Polara. 
There's a pair of lids on Ebay, but it's only the lids.  I've never
seen the underneath or inside of a max wedge air cleaner assembly. 
What other parts are underneath and inside, and how hard are they to
come by?  I've been looking for a while, and this is the first I've
come across in a while.  Are there any repros out there?  I heard
maybe Year One, but I don't see anything on their Web site.  Thanks
for any help.

- Jim
'47 Jeep CJ2-A
'63 Max Wedge Polara 500
'71 Bronco
'72 Chevelle
'82 Jeep CJ-8

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