RE: Rear end swap.
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RE: Rear end swap.

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Are you special ordering the axles? I thought the standard '65 & later 
8.75 axles were not able to bolt in the '62 to '64 units?

I also have heard lots of pros & cons about green bearings not lasting 
on a street car. 

For example: "Green Bearing Company builds a bearing kit that replaces 
the cone-type wheel bearings. These are sealed roller bearing units that 
do not require end play adjustment, however they offer no side to side 
support, and fail quickly in street applications. These are drag race 
bearings only (the manufacturer even lists them under the "Racing" 
segment of their catalog). Green Part No. RP400."


Gary H. 
p.s., if you are planning to scratch the itch to race your '63 I won't 
tell your wife. :-) 

Don Dulmage wrote:
> I am going to  buy a set of aftermarket axles with green bearings for 
> mine . That way i lose the tapered axles and the bearing adusting stuff 
> and strengthrn my unit in one fell swoop. I see prices from 145 to 240 a 
> pair.

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